Your man in Melbourne

Post date: Jul 23, 2012 7:45:14 AM

Hi everyone! I have now been resident in Melbourne for nearly 36 hours! As I was saying to mum and dad on the phone yesterday, the new passports made customs at both end incredibly quick and easy - it took me less than 30 minutes from plane to exit when I got to Melbourne and that included a stop-off at Duty Free!

I had a somewhat auspicious beginning - I was reading a book outside in the pick up area when I was hit with some bird shit from above - somewhat annoying so I moved into the bus shelter area. 2 minutes later there was a large thump beside me - a sparrow had flown head first into the shelter at top speed! Its neck was broken and it dies very quickly. Tim took the body as he wants to taxidermy it - a hobby he has taken up in recent years.

When Karl pulled up, Tim rushed out of the car and pressed a bottle of cider and a comically oversized rubber dildo (named 'Jane's Knickers' for reasons unbeknownst to me) into my hands and got me to pose with them for photos. He is very excited that I am here and had all of yesterday planned out for me! Needless to say, his plans involved a lot of alcohol but I also got to meet a lot of their Melbourne crew which was excellent. As mentioned in my brief email, I had the big breakfast at a cafe in Carlton which featured the best hash browns I've ever had. Their coffee was alright but not incredible.

Today I have done almost nothing - it has been amazing! I have read a lot of my book and researched things like the AA - it turns out that apparently my Restricted licence will convert straight into a full Victorian licence! I also have an appointment with the bank for 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry I have no photos to attach - I left my iPod at Tim's house yesterday but rest assured I will take photos on my trip to town tomorrow.

Catch up soon,