Gramping in the Grampians

Post date: May 23, 2013 3:55:0 AM

Hi all,

Haven't been posting much recently I know - our internet has now been down for 3 weeks... even at $5 each a month this seems like a rip-off!

Heading up to the Grampians National Park this weekend with Tim, Hamish and some of Hamish's friends. Initially we were going to go camping, but then we checked the weather forecast - it will be clear but freezing cold! As such, we have hired a house for $350 between 8 of us, not bad for two nights.

At four hours drive from Melbourne (just south of the infamous Horsham) it will also be the furtherest I've travelled into the interior of the country (or 'Outback' as I insist on calling it, much to the consternation of nearby Australians) since I've got here

The national park itself looks gorgeous, there will be a lot of walking but it looks like it will be more than worth it for views like this:

So this weekend, think of me doing what this guy is doing and, if you're Mum, wince in fear.

Next Wednesday Jane, Jenna and Josh arrive from Christchurch for 10 days so it will be a pretty exciting fortnight.

Talk soon.