A Volunteer management problem I haven't experienced

Post date: Nov 15, 2016 7:21:9 AM

The news today is crammed with earthquake and flood related news - not surprising as it is all consuming while you live it. But in amongst this news was this great little articlehttp://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/86489031/SPCA-volunteer-in-South-Waikato-drugged-her-boss-after-developing-an-unhealthy-obsession?cid=app-iPad

So a volunteer with the SPCA doing her voluntary stuff. Maria can probably tell us a lot about what a volunteer for SPCA does as she did this when she first moved to Auckland. I recall her talking poo patrol on a grand scale - but perhaps this volunteer had a different role. Whatever her role was, I am pretty sure she doesn't have it now. Developed a crush on the SPCA manager - not reciprocated. Volunteer didn't respond to any "No thank you" messages and was eventually being managed for harassment of poor manager. Now I can imagine how challenging this would be as a manager. Even this seems to have been problematic and our volunteer was asked not to be in the building where manager worked. Didn't take that well and posted messages on FB that had to be removed. Starting to get the picture of a woman with some psychiatric problems? One day our volunteer comes into office and makes coffee for manager - slips prescription medication into coffee. Manager drives her home (this part seems bizarre to me - manager already has experienced harassment but still took volunteer in car). Anyway on drive home medication took effect and car was driven off road.

Long story but volunteer ends up in court and found guilty.

So Maria why did you stop volunteering for SPCA?