Nana as a reactionary

Post date: Feb 01, 2012 9:15:5 AM

Today over 3000 people demonstrated in protest at the leadership shown in Chch by the mayor and the CE of the city council. We understand that Nana was invited to attend the demonstration but even though she agrees with the issues decided she was more of a letter writer than a placard bearer.

It has been interesting to watch the Chch stuff disintegrating - possibly could have been predicted on the basis that dealing with ongoing crises would test the best functioning group of people and even the most charitable probably wouldn't call the elected council functional.

I hope we get to read Nana's letter.

I have just heard that in the next 24 hours there is a 1 in 38000000 chance of being burnt while you are asleep

And a 1 in 200000000 chance of dying from a tea cosy

You are more likely to die at work than at war!

May you be of a reactionary than at risk of a tea cosy event!