No fun allowed

Post date: Jun 01, 2014 7:0:7 AM

We have been having a lovely weekend here in NewPlymouth with Maria and Tim. Went for a drive today to find a fruit winery - we didn't. It was one of those times when we followed GPS directions ( this in itself is unusual) having followed the directions it would seem that there are at least 2 152 Cross Road in Taranaki. The one we got to certainly didn't have a fruit winery at it!!However on the way to nowhere we got amazing views of Mt Taranakiand Mts Ruapehu and Ngarahoe - Taranaki to the right and the others on the left. Weather cool but v sunny and clear.

We turned off the road to visit Lake Maungamahoe (GPS was not happy with us - but she got her own back by taking us to nowhere afterwards) It was beautiful but this sign had us all in fits of laughter - which seemed to be against the rules

We were trying to define recreational activities - leisurely driving is recreation; we could imagine that re- creation activities were definitely not allowed so when Maria and Tim were kissing that was against the rules. Decided that photos were not recreation - art. Thought that telling having fun was probably off limits - but we did that anyway. Been a lovely time.

Photos have been taken - if the number of photos is marker for a good holiday today has been a 100+ day

We were not the elderly man who got attacked by seal on Coastal walk While we were at Coastal walk yesterday we were much later!!