Is a waitress worth more than God?

Post date: Feb 06, 2013 9:8:27 AM

It's totally out of proportion to the $6 in question.

Pretty sure God would be more considerate

A story that has set minds wandering internationally comes from Applebee in St Louis (USA) A minister and a group of the congregation from a chruch headed off to a diner after church. At this point there is nothing newsworthy

Meal was fine, nothing special we are led to believe. After the meal the waitress gave minister the bill which included an 18% tip, Apparently the 18% is quite standard for largish groups. Remembering that waitresses in the USA get v low pay but make their living from tips - tipping is a literal lifeline,

It was at this point that things changed from a nothing to something.

Minister seems to have had a rush of blood to head because she writes over the bill "I give God 10 percent. Why do you get 18?" But rather than giving the waitress 10%, same as God, she ostentatously wrote a big fat "0" in the tip line and signed her name.

Waitress was obviously bit peeved because she posted the bill on the internet - it went viral v quickly. Did not reflect well on Minister who publicly was very contrite but also called diner and had waitress fired.

Wonder how congregation responded with the collection plate on Sunday?