1/150 is proportionate

Post date: Jan 07, 2016 9:20:48 AM

Our last full day in Raglan. Has been v pleasant. We found the wharf - it was less than 10 mins walk from where we are staying so not too hard . . . .I navigated us back and that ensured we got our 10,000 steps - not altogether welcomed at the time.

Tonight we had our Raglan Sunset Cruise - was well worth it. Left Raglan Wharf at 7:30, we got fish & chips ( appears to be Raglan delicacy) and 2 hours slowly cruising around the harbour - very beautiful. Tony says he took 300 photos today; a sign of a good holiday day. I took 2 photos - this seems to be the usual Tony: Sandra proportions.

Tony will be posting better photos than mine once he has better internet access You get my one - even if you do have to crane your neck to view it properly