Making a Splash

Post date: Aug 12, 2014 9:3:3 AM

Today is a big day. After 15 years Nana is getting a different car. We have been worrying about Nana's Postman Pat car.

V happy Nana

We know she loves it - being the first car she really loved. But it is 20 years old and one day soon will die. Nana not yet ready to give up driving so the Divers and Kirbys have combined to buy a car. Kirbys had been looking at a Solio (more modern Postman Pat) but Divers found an almost new Suzuki Splash. Nana test drove it on Sunday and went from "Over my dead body will the family but me a car" to "It's lovely. What will my friends say?" In an hour!

Needless to say Divers have picked more expensive car than we would, but it is less than a year old; is still under warranty; has excellent safety features and v low mileage so is an excellent deal. Car dealership is arranging transport to Chch.