It's a bonus year

Post date: Feb 13, 2015 7:42:39 AM

2015 is proving to be a bit of a boom or bust time for my blogging. Nothing for days then 2 on one day. Not quite keeping up with a 1 blog per day average though

Today is Friday 13th -as I write this it is true for all of us though Mark not likely to yet be awake for it and some of us ready for it to end.

This year, like in 2012, has the highest possible number of Friday 13th - 3. Every year has at least one but apparently you can't get more than 3. As soon as February in a non leap year has a Friday 13th then March will to and this year we get November. 2026 is the next year with 3 of them.

The 13th is more frequently a Friday than any other day of the week according to a mathematician who has taken in the study of the Gregorian calendar as his specialty.