One girl's trash is another man's treasure

Post date: Oct 06, 2012 11:43:40 PM


I think this has been my longest time between blogs - apologies; been seeing you not blogging to you.

Today we are in Warrnambool staying at amazing apartment with view of water. Adrian heading back to Melbourne this afternoon so he is ready to start work onMonday.

Been good to see Marg and Geoff for the first time in 4 years. Lots to catch up on. Picture to be added. Their little schnauzer has an undocked tail. Get a sense of what Lily's tail might have been.

Adrian found a lovely tale this morning that is parenting lesson for us all. One of the directors for Shortland St had taken the top secret Christmas special script home to work on. Same man has a 6 year old daughter with a creative strak. Daughter and friend were at home looking for something to do during school holidays; decided to do some drawings. Daughter went into study got some scrap paper and they drew lots of pictures which they then distributed to neighbours. Who knows how and when Daddy discovered that the scrap paper was priceless.

The pieces were recovered and a box of drawing paper delivered to the girls so their creative spirit undiminished.