How much will you pay and to whom?

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 2:18:23 AM

In a slight distraction from rewriting the budget memo for the Board I was reading Google arthritis alerts for the tweetworthy . . . .

Come across the story about Robert from Sowerby

Robert has degenerative spinal arthritis, Meniere’s disease and a hairy back. Two of these can’t be fixed but his hairy back can be waxed and be hairfree.

So Robert is seeking sponsorship for having his back waxed to raise money for charity. You can sponsor him if you like details are in the media release.

haven't tweeted this from an arthritis account but it is blogworthy . . ,.

I have not gone in to sponsor him . . .

Don't think anyone has pointed out to Robert that sponsorship money usually has a direct correlation with the attractiveness of the sponsoree.

With the headline that says hairy back waxed for charity where do you think the donations go? Not the charity that helps arthritis; not the charity that might support Meniere’s disease but the charity that supports cancer of course!