It is the little details that catch you out

Post date: Mar 11, 2013 8:54:32 AM

If they had only parked properly they would have got away - it is the details that catch you out!!

Wonderful story in this morning's paper.Two people drive into Wellington yesterday - decided they needed new phones but couldn't afford them. So they stopped outside Harvey Norman (Mark and Stacey FYI Harvey Norman is large department store) went inside stole 2 phones and left the building. Some customers saw them stealing phones and raised the alarm. Store staff chased them outside. Burglars jumped into car - but parking warden was in the process of writing a ticket because of their bad parking. Because he was still writing the ticket he put his hand through the window and pulled in the handbrake. Parking warden was dragged along road as the two men were trying to get away . .store staff still chasing. Someone called police. Between Parkin warden and store staff the car was stopped, men detained until Police arrive. Men are charged with burglary and get their parking. Ticket.