Love might not conquer everything

Post date: Mar 03, 2013 9:21:10 AM

Tony got back from Chch tonight. As always the trips are quite draining so we thought we might go to the movies for a bit of a wind down. Armour was screening at a time that worked so we went. Vaguely knew it was about 80+ man caring for dying wife. And that dying wife had been nominated for Oscar. Film won Best Foreign Film. Should have thought more about this before going to see movie on Tony's return from Chch. To say the movie was gruelling was an understatement.

There is little glamourous or humorous about this death, not much beauty. It is a poster movie for euthanasia.

Acting is tremendous.

We are wrung out.

Gran has another infection. She was interested in hot chips today for lunch. Tony says he bought 2 fish, 1 scoop and this feast was shared between Tony, Nana and Gran(AND JENNY). On the back of eating. 6 chips Gran was too full to contemplate dinner

No wonder her weight is down to 31 kg.