Keep your legs crossed

Post date: Feb 20, 2012 8:32:58 AM

A little while ago I wrote that there was a i in 2000000 chance of being hurt with a tea cosy. I think the chances of being in a toilet explosion are probably about the same - but could and did happen. May never happen again but Maria will you risk it???

I have heard two news items which were totally unrelated but will have fed all of Maria's views about the dangers of using public toilets!Last week a young boy in Invercargill was out for a walk with bis mother and baby sibling. Young boy ran ahead of his mother and went into public toilet - a superloo in fact. The door locked and wouldn't reopen; toilet cleaned itself once and then again. Boy was inside screaming, mother outside screaming, people came to help but couldn't open door. Council puzzled and apologetic - never happened before.

In today's news in Hastings man went to loo in a public toilet and it exploded - man was set on fire and now in hospital with serious burns.