Tough day at the office

Post date: Jul 23, 2016 8:33:41 AM

Despite the bad weather I don't think this comes close to the worst rugby games as noted by this news article in 2011

We are at home, having driven back from New Plymouth today. Forecast was for gale force winds and heavy rain. Although it was raining when we left New Plymouth we got most of our drive in fine weather.However once home the winds started and the rain came. We are happily at home in the warmth with dog and cat close by. Unfortunately for the Hurricanes their work day is in full swing with the Super XV quarter final being held here tonight. I was offered 2 tickets which I turned down in case we didn't get back in time. Now I am really glad I said No, can imagine nothing worse than sitting in the stands in gale force winds with driving rain. The teams and the ref look drowned and when the game stops for any length of time you watch the players blowing on their hands to try and get the feeling back in their extremities.

This is the ninth time the Sharks have got through to playoffs but yet to win a title. Unfortunately tonight doesn't look like it is their turn again. Hurricanes are in their eighth playoff- got to finals twice but not yet got to hold cup.