And the roles were reversed . . .

Post date: Mar 25, 2015 1:55:53 AM

I have spent much of my life avoiding watching cricket. Mind you until 1971 cricket tests were three or five day affairs where the commentators talked as much about seagulls and the rate of grass growth as they did about the game. The one day game and now the even shorter T20 can capture the attention of people who are not traditional cricket enthusiasts.

However in our house the cricket lovers have traditionally been Tony, Adrian (for a while Tony more than Adrian but last 2 decades that has been reversed). Mark, Maria and I shared an equal last place for interest. Tim was a late starter but quickly overtook the bottom three to sit at 3rd in the interest stakes - starting to edge out Tony now though. Not sure Stacey is even equaling Mark in the disinterest stakes. maria through necessity (Tim and Adrian) is a little more engaged than Mark.

This year it is me who has the World Cup app on both my phone and iPad; me who stayed up to watch the end of the game last night; me who was in text contact with Adrian through final 5 overs. Me who has followed the news - more than Tony. Can't beat Adrian.

I think it will be me staying up late on Sunday for the final . . . .will be texting Adrian.

We are at the tail end of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Yesterday was the semi-final between NZ and Sth Africa. NZ has got to semi finals six times in previous World Cups; South Africa three times. Neither team had ever got to final before. Hopes of millions resting on each team. Technically it was more our turn than theirs . . . .It was a nail biter game. NZ won on the second to last ball - right up until that moment it looked like Sth Africa would win. Emotions post game were obvious for both teams - as is readily seen in social media.