Tony sent his love to Jerry

Post date: Mar 09, 2015 3:59:12 AM

Pretty sure that on 6 April I will not be having afternoon tea with the Governor general and his wife - unless they too are on Spirit of Tasmania . . . .

On 6 February Tony and I attended a garden party at Govt House in Wellington hosted by the Governor General - His Excellency the Right honorable Lieutenant General Sir Jerry Matapaere and Lady Janine Matapaere. About 1998 others were there too and you have already heard about that.On 6 March I attended a function at Govt House in Auckland hosted by their Excellencies again. This was a more intimate affair - about 80 people. Tony sent his love as he was not one of the invitees. I was one of the 5 speakers at the event. Have attached my speech at Tony's suggestion- which was written in full and read pretty much as was written - most un-Sandra like. Went down very well