Rather lose my keys than my life . .

Post date: Jan 17, 2012 8:53:45 AM

On a serious note can only imagine how drunk man must have been to have got himself into that situation and what a horrible way to die as I don't imagine it was instant.

We have lost a few sets of keys in our time - most recently the keys to the holiday house on Christmas Day which resulted in an expensive call to a locksmith!

Lose money, lose time but don't lose a life!

Tony and I both getting excited now about our Kapiti trip - looks to be on for tomorrow. Have made up lunches; water bottles cooling in fridge, ahve sunscreen, insect repellent and hand sanitiser packed. Tomorrow's message should come with a photo gallery of it's own. Hope we see takahe

Love you Sandra/Mum

On Sunday there was quite a drama at the vegetable market by Te Papa. 3 women were walking past a drain and noticed a dead person in it! Police came - and couldn't get person out. Army called and eventually body recovered. Much discussion on Sunday night and yesterday about how it was not possible for body to have got there by itself. Today the Police announced that "having studied the movements of the drain cover . . . it appears Mr Black dropped his car keys down the storm water culvert and had attempted to retrieve them." The keys were found close by the body.

I am quite amused by the idea that the police have been studying the movements of the drain cover - hope it was a reliable witness.