PC gone mad - or life saving advice?

Post date: Jul 04, 2013 7:4:33 PM

On iPad I don't have a picture of Lily with stick so will need to update when I have a real photo of us being irresponsible dog owners.

Interesting to see animated response to this news . . . We of course are not the only people who heard this news as a personal attack. Loved Gary McCormack on radio yesterday telling of his experience being filmed for Tux wonder dogs (that is history in itself and I am now picturing Markand Adrian humming away the Tux ad) Anyway for this episode the TV crew wanted to film Gary and his dog on a beach in Gisborne. This was done and Gary threw stick for dog - dog had never fetched a stick in his life so shot showed Gary running to fetch stick and dog watching with wagging tail. Gary thought it funny but apparently his children were mortified when it was shown - made their dog look stupid They were used to their father looking stupid but not so much the dog!

It was said on the news that we hate Lily. That is slightly paraphrased - news was that dog owners who threw sticks for their dogs to chase were risking their dogs lives - responsible dog owners wouldn't do such a thing. Given that Lily is the first dog we've had that has ever chased a stick it is interesting we used to be responsible dog owners but have regressed!!