Post date: Jun 25, 2012 10:29:28 AM

Off my old hobby horse.

I still have this image that you 3 are going to curse your mother for telling too much whereas my generation cursed parents for saying not enough.

This argument is a very much recycled one and one time when recycling is not the preferred option

The Herald had a story today that was also carried on TV1 saying that sex education is failing because the sex education that occurs in schools doesn't teac you to wait till you are grown up. Person saying this is a psychiatrist which sounds. V plausible until you also read she is part of the Republican party And brought out to NZ by Family First an ultra conservative group. Makes me cross - not because I disagree with the statements because in my heart I think it is probably true BUT there are just too many times that people get the "don't do it message" and then get an oops. Apparently the chastity pledge in the USA has resulted in a large number of unplanned pregnancies because of course if you have signed a chastity pledge then you can't plan on having sex - every time is a spur of the moment decisionThe image is one of the slogans the abstinence people were using when I first started at Family Planning in 1990 I laughed then but they still recycle this stuff. Woof