Someone I would have liked to meet

Post date: Aug 11, 2014 9:16:25 AM

It was many years ago I first used an Eleanor Roosevelt quote " A woman is like a teabag. You only see her strength when immersed in hot water" Then there was the quote that comes on a few cards " Well behaved women rarely make history"Today I saw another quite by her - see image.

Got my interest peeked so I looked up some biography.

Born Eleanor Roosevelt (married her second cousin Franklin so kept same surname after marriage) Grew up as privileged young woman, not particularly interested in politics. Her mother was dismayed that she grew very tall and was not beautiful. Father and mother both died when she was young. Was apparently shamed on a visit to Scotland when asked about the difference between state and federal governments and she didn't know the answer . . . Got Franklin, or more particularly Franklin's Secretary to teach her. Became a stateswoman in her own right. As Presidents wife during WW2 she had a formal visit to NZ in 1943 - to visit US troops and to investigate the war work of women in NZ.

Freely shared her opinions apparently

After Franklin died (in the arms of his mistress) she continued work as one of the first diplomats in the United Nations. Was responsible for pulling together the Declaration of Human Rights.

Yes a woman of strong opinion who did put her efforts into making the world a better place.