Better than ducks up the wall

Post date: Aug 11, 2016 3:19:34 AM

Was covered in the local newspaper

Whenever I think of murals I remember an episode of Coronation Street (which we had stopped watching well before we had children so I am thinking more than 35 years ago) where Hilda Ogden got her lounge wall decorated and put up a "muriel" - the ubiquitous 3 ducks flying up the wall.

At church the building beside us is being redeveloped - and is going to take more than a year to do. The path to our conference centre has been fenced for health and safety reasons. Rather than a blank wall the church has created a mural with a local mental health art project group. Mural looks amazing. I am incredibly proud of it and really love the fact that this is a project for which I did nothing - not a single brush stroke; Saturday or Sunday. It engaged people who don't do a lot of other stuff which is equally good. I think it looks great - certainly better than the 3 ducks up the wall, or just gib board.

Now we have people worrying about losing the art when the fence is dismantled - maybe we will have to get a piece retained and kept.