What you really really want?

Post date: Jun 27, 2012 5:6:52 AM

Apparently today the spice girls reunited to promote the stage show based on their success. The reunion lasted 10 mins - think the musical lasts a little longer.

So a stage show of the Spice Girls is apparently what we really, really want.

If Maria can't save fast enough Mark you might have to substitute. Sure it will be high on your and Stacey's list of must do. Adrian will just have to hope the show tours to Melbourne

At airport in Auckland having had a v pleasant day in Hamilton. The Hamilton people staff and Arthritis New Zealand members and supporters told me I was wonderful. which really was just as well as when I picked up my emails there is a v nasty one that tells me,among other things, that it is more than time I left Arthritis New Zealand as I caused nothing but strife. Can't please all of the people . . .

Anyway onto the important world news. Maria there is a reason you might want to get to London in November. To see Mark? Perhaps. To go Christmas shopping on Oxford St? Perhaps. But what about to see the musical of your favorite teenage band? Definitely worth $10,000