Flag it

Post date: May 19, 2015 9:58:15 AM

One of the biggest non-issues to get public funding this year is the referendum on a new flag for NZ. I feel my cynicism level reaching into red zone when Prime Minister announces at the beginning of this year that a committee has been formed to be paid at great rates for many months to determine the appetite of the nation for a new flag. This is the same year that we have the centenary of Gallipoli so all sorts of romanticising of the glory of fighting under the Union Jack and southern cross with our buddies from Australia - Union Jack and 5 stars - with mother Britain - Union Jack. Also the same year we are announcing that instead of government going into surplus as has been promised it is another deficit and the milk price internationally is dropping so long term prospects not that great either.Because there are people,even more cynical the me there are some great websites offering flag designs like


The site has many options for flag designs like the kiwi here. I know the TVNZ Goodnight Kiwi has been suggested - not sure whether seriously or tongue in cheek

But perhaps I can rest assured that not all New Zealanders are gullible - the first public meeting was held in Chch in the weekend. 12 committee members turned up along with staff from whatever department is in charge of flag referendum and only 10 people. There was no discussion - presentation then. People left.