A night of excellence

Post date: Feb 12, 2016 8:2:21 AM

Friday night and my 7th night away Today I am in Rotorua for a strategic planning meeting for Hospital Chaplains. Was appointed to this Board in November for my excellent nfp skills but this is first meeting I have managed. They may be regretting appointment.

Last night we launched the Arthritis NZ 50th Jubilee year with an Awards Dinner hosted by the Governir General and his wife aka Their Excellencies. Tony flew back up from Wellington to join me which was v special for me. We had 7 Award winners including Mahe Drysdale (Olympic rowing gold medal winner) as Sportsperson with arthritis. There were about 75 people there - most for their first time at Govt House. Lovely atmosphere.

Our table had Their Excellencies who were very chatty - everything from hairstyling to future of arthritis research in NZ

Our run sheet had said it would be well over by 10 but the hosts stayed longer and spoke more than was usual. The GG did comment that it is unusual for his aide to have to quiet things down before each stage of the evening...often things can be quite stilted..

I think photo shows Kylie Maria's boss, one of our guests, on far left.