Day 1 2012

Post date: Jan 01, 2012 8:24:44 AM

Love as ever


I hope whatever your resolution you have a great year

New Years Day is typically the day on which resolutions are made - did you make any?

Found some lovely ones that made me smile. I think I have attached the website

If my technology isn't up to this level of competence then this is a taster

Einstein's resolution "stop unravelling mysteries of the universe and find a way to untangle my hair"

Levi Strauss "work out how to make a pair of proper pants"

Freud "Find other ways to think about my mother and father"

I suspect that in this area businesses like cafes make more than 33% of their annual incomes in January so dead on your feet may be symptomatic of the month.

New year's resolutions I think by now we are all in the same year. Today we have had 3 wonderful experiences:

1 we saw the sun

2 Maria came up to join us in KeriKeri

3 we went to Pahia and then on boat to Russell. Was beautiful. There were not 1 but 2 cruise ships in the Bay at Pahia today. Made the town incredibly busy but with a buzz. Pity the poor cafe workers who were looking dead on their feet at 2 pm and are probably still going now.