Contemplating drinking

Post date: Feb 09, 2013 9:5:17 AM

Limoncello which is one of Tony's favourites, perhaps reflecting his Italian heritage, was apparently originally created by nuns in a convent in Southern Italy.

Inventing drinks does seem to have a v long history. Apparently Charlemagne's wife, somewhere around 800AD, got sick of seeing a red claret stain in her husband's v white beard so ordered white wine grapes to be planted in their castle - and thus Coton Charlemagne was created.

Adrian has been telling people he is going to make his fortune with his new cocktail - jack Daniels with bubbles. It was with some sadness I see that his concept has been pinched and pimped. The cocktail was made with cognac and champagne and is meant to be world's most expensive at $A1500 a glass. Man who invented didn't even finish it. "Wasn't feeling too well"One thing he did do well though was to create the decorative glass and the imagery.. Adrian this is a lesson you could learn if you are to make your fortune from the daniel fizz.