Denis the smaller is to blame

Post date: Nov 23, 2012 9:1:6 AM

I am just about ready to go to Vietnam which is just as well as I leave tomorrow at lunchtime

Shame we need to fingerprint isn't it?

The challenge with Pope Benedict saying that the Gregorian calendar is wrong - does that mean he is saying that Gregory was wrong? Does that make him fallible?

Today the Pope released a book -you might be surprised to know the subject of his book is Jesus. It is expected to sell1,000,000 copies. Wonderif I can get copies for you in time for Christmas??Anyway in this book the Pope says that Jesus wasn't born in 0AD but probably 4-6 years earlier. The whole Gregorian calendar was devised by a monk called Dionysis Exiguus which translates as Denis the Small. Given when Our little friend Dionysis was working out his calendar based on the information he had available to him. You gotta feel for Dionysis he did all the work but Pope Gregory got to take the credit - it's not called the Dionysis calendar is it?