Meet the parents

Post date: Jan 07, 2013 8:40:23 AM

You may like this picture of Kerry's 1935 Packard sitting in our driveway after it had delivered two carloads of the family.

Last night we met some of Tim's family - his mother, her partner, his father and his partner, his oldest brother, wife and 3 children, his other brother.As with meeting Stacey's mother this was incredibly nerve wracking. It does remind me of that movie "Meet the Parents" with Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro. As I recall that movie focused on how hard it was for the young man to meet her parents, but there is another side . . .the two sets of parents meeting.

When Tony and I were out on our wedding anniversary the other night we were watching the table of 6 next to us - which had a young couple and 2 sets of parents. The four older adults appeared to have nothing in common apart from their offspring being joined. However after their third bottle of wine the conversation did flow. We didn't need that much wine - conversation flowed quite quickly.

We did enjoy the evening .