Semantic satiation

Post date: Jan 26, 2012 6:51:13 AM

What a great term. If I write about the lateness of the late Air New Zealand flight and how your late grandfather when he flew was often late. Lately it feels like lateness has been the late lament of your mother you are getting a sample of semantic satiation - using a word so often it loses it's meaning. Seen much of that lately? Or am I too late in my post?

All of this is written by someone with Morton's toe - which sounds serious but just means my second toe is longer than my big toe. I bet some of you are also similarly afflicted!

These and other words are found in this link Adrian sent.

Along with my Mortons toe the

Take care

Love Sandra/Mum

I am currently stuck at Auckland airport. Weather beautiful here but apparently wind in Wellington at airport is preventing even large planes landing.

other oddity you may have inherited from your mother is a longer ring finger than pointer. Apparently in women this is more common among lesbians, sports women and successful woman ( and your mother) in men this is a sign of greater attractiveness to women. So go measure your fingers and toes before it is too late!