Just passing through

Post date: Sep 18, 2012 7:48:13 AM

Today I was in Geraldine. Despite terrible weather forecast after the morning frost it was a stunning day, cool wind but sunny. Mountains were picture perfect, lambs frolicking very postcard like. Nana said she wasn't doing anything so came for the drive and loved it. A very excited Brigitte Barker, lottery winner, some of her friends and her husband joined around 20 volunteers,members and supporters of Arthritis New Zealand at the church meeting room. Almost on queue a red Rav arrived with the Timaru Toyota dealers. Brigitte arrived with a large tray of Barkers products for a raffle at some point Yes she is indeed one of THE Barkers. To say she was excited is an understatement! She is a supporter of Breast Cancer and undertakes fundraisers for them based on her breast cancer experience. However her close friend Has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and had a particularly torrid experience of the disease. One of the lifelines for her friend was a clinic with Vanessa, the Arthritis Educator. Ally, the friend, was there today and was very effusive about Vanessa's role in her managing. Anyway because of Ally's experience when the mailer for our lottery came in Brigitte was prepared to support our cause. And there we were - part of the first of a series of Red Rav Raves! Brigitte hosted a small group to lunch which was also pleasant. I was invited back for the main event on Sat night but I declined:)

So because we were in Geraldine I called into see Jane and Keith who live in Woodbury, about 10km from Geraldine. Because I was passing through. Jane and Keith looking great and were asking about all of you. They send their love. Picture taken at their place.