Coming in Kapiti

Post date: Apr 01, 2013 9:25:43 AM

I do think councillor either has a vivid imagination or sex on the brain as I struggle to see anything pornographic in this.

Of course age is no barrier to earth moving activities - whether aid or unpaid!!

We have just got back from dropping Tim and Maria at the airport. Nana and Jenny go back tomorrow morning and that is officially the end of Easter weekend. It really was like Christmas all over again.

In today's news is the story of Kapiti getting a new tourism logo. Been much money spent on new marketing strategy for Kapiti complete with new logo. Having launched the logo last week it has made international headlines after beng labelled as "more than a little pornographic"

Same councillor has suggested their new slogan should be "Come in Kapiti and let the earth move for you"

When you remember that Kapiti is the retirement haven for Wellington people with more than double the number of over 65s than the median NZ town this is particularly amusing.