It would never have been you . . .

Post date: Mar 29, 2012 8:25:50 AM

Man in Auckland has caused national outrage over the last couple of days. He announced that his birthday present for his 2 year old son was to be atandem sky dive. Son has apperntly beeen asking for this ever since he could speak (which might only have been last week) Dad is sky drive instructor so is well used to sky diving. He was prepared to make some concessions to the age of child - dive would "only" be from 8000m not the usual 12000m so that child was only without oxygen for 20seconds - a minute would be too long. A whole lot of health professionals warned about brain damage.

Even more vehement were the people who thought it was irresponsible parenting.

Given your mother this was never something you guys would have got for your 2nd birthday, or 22nd come to think of it!