Tough week

Post date: Nov 12, 2015 5:8:52 AM

I was reading through Facebook on Sunday and was shocked to find that Alistair Wood, my cousin's husband from Glasgow, had died. Diagnosed with cancer 6 weeks ago. Maria you met Alistair when we were in USA all those years ago. Mark and Stacey we stayed with them when we went to Glasgow. Stacey was welcomed with open arms but Mark was met with suspicion with his strange "Vego" habits.Photo shows family - Sheena and Alisdair with sons Jeffrey and CJ. (Young Sheena differentiates her from Nana's sister my Aunt Sheena for whom she is named) Sheena, Jeffrey and CJ will be farewelling Alisdair today at his funeral.

I am now feeling very guilty about not making the effort to get to Scotland last month. Didn't know at that stage that Alisdair was sick.

This is tougher because Alisdair represents our peer group - not the generation ahead of us

Also heard from Greg that he and Lara have split up. Tony and I very much alive and together