Post date: Mar 03, 2014 7:48:39 AM

In the weekend Tony and I went to the camp for children with arthritis - my fourth time; Tony's first. Tony was there as a volunteer educational psychologist and the evaluations show he was a valued addition for many parents. There were 29 families - around 70 people. As with each of the past camps it is humbling and grounding to be part of the camp. Reminds me of why I do we what we do. It is always a mixture of fun and education. Coming do soon after Gran's death Tony was ambivalent about going away for another weekend. He did enjoy the weekend and had time to relax as well as contribute. Camp at Matamata is amazing venue - well set up for activities like kayaking, archery, abseiling, natural hydro slide etc Weather was also stunning End of weekend was not as much fun - our plane from Hamilton was cancelled and we ended up having a 7 hour drive to get home.