Wandering Wednesdays

Post date: Dec 09, 2015 5:29:32 AM

Next Wednesday I am back in Auckland for my last work trip for the year. Ironically the following Wednesday is the day we are driving to Auckland for Christmas. If it's Wednesday I am wandering.

Today was a volunteer award presentation, not many babies but a fair bit of pressing the flesh and inane conversation. One of the volunteers reminded me of Nana - except he is obviously a man. Maurice is 93; been volunteering for us for 15 years and still is involved in organising 2 water based exercise classes each week in Nelson. In addition he pops up at other times of the year and has featured on front page of local newspaper for one of fundraising days.

He has no intention of giving up while he can still drive or his daughter can drive him. Been invited to his 100th birthday in 2022. Made no promises.

It's Wednesday - which for the last month has meant I am definitely travelling. Last week it was Auckland; week before Tauranga. Today it is Nelson. If you have to travel there are worse places to have to go.I often feel more than a little guilty about these trips - takes all day but the actual contact time is 90mins. Was talking to another CEO colleague one day about these types of events and she referred to them as the "kissing babies events". Explanation - like a politician there are times when what you have to do is kiss babies; shake hands and otherwise press the flesh with a smile and inane conversation. Has to be ane (opposite of inane) enough that people think that have gained value from seeing you but bland (inane) enough that no brain power is expected and you can't be misquoted later. Is much more exhausting than it sounds keeping that balance.