Monday from Chch

Post date: Mar 05, 2012 9:42:29 AM

Am typing this from the sofa bed in Nana's lounge. Came to Chch this morning to have some time in the office here and have to hand over the 4th of 5 lottery prizes tomorrow. Nana came to pick me up from the office. She had her friend Jean in the car and she was driving Jean back to Heathcote. Meant I got a tiki tour of the suburbs around Opawa, Redcliffsd and Sumner as well. I hadn't been out that way since the 2011 quakes. Incredible to see the Sumner rocks as rubble. We went from Heathcote to Merivale to see Gran as by then it was 6ish. Gran was bright enough tonight but hasn't been very well and has lost more weight.

Nana is most cross that a letter she wrote and sent to Mark & Stacey before Christmas was returned wrong address. She has rewritten and sent you two letters - hope you get them. I keep telling her that the address I gave her is right as my letters arrive. I suggested she needed to change her handwriting and she hit me!

To protect me from child abuse please do let her know if you receive a letter:-)

Take care