Labours - preferably others

Post date: Oct 27, 2013 9:34:9 AM

One of the things we did this weekend was make the practice wedding cake - a whiskey celebration cake. Noel, Liz and Marie came round for dinner so we had a tasting. It was Noel who commented that Papa might have thought it a waste of good whiskey - but perhaps as it was Grants not Chivas Regal it was a good use of bad whiskey! Anyway cake deemed success so now can make the real things.

Take care and remember if not an equal amount of work, recreation and rest do aimofr a balance that works for you.

Love you all

In NZ we are in our long weekend for Labour Day. Special weekend - been a long time since Queens Birthday in June and next break is Christmas! Maria is about to board plane to head home after having been here for a couple of nights. She seems to like visiting Wellington at the moment Lovely to think of a day off tomorrow - though quite a few of the family are working - Marie has a shift; Tim has a normal training day; and of course Mark, Stacey and Adrian the day will have no special significance.

Nana was always strong on the fact we shouldn't work on Labour Day "People fought and died to get the 40 hour week" Tony is planning to catch up on a bit of work but my plans are for more home based activity - oven cleaning, pantry and washing which if course don't count as work!!

I wonder what Samuel Parnell would make of current working conditions - I suspect not too much given that NZ working hours are among the longest in the western world and yet our productivity is low.