Home and the heart

Post date: Feb 14, 2012 5:59:12 PM

Writing this from the spare bed in Maria and Tim's place. Reflecting that one of the signs that our offspring are no longer children is that we can be guests in your home and are - with Mark & Stacey for 3 weeks last year and Maria & Tim get us singly but in the same week. As with Mark's place in Gibbs Green what strikes me about being with Maria today is the pleasure she has at being here - at home. Home is more than the house you live at it is a sense of belonging and being. Where your heart is as the saying goes.

I hope Adrian that you find a home when you are in Melbourne - as I don't think you really have been settled since your return from Japan. Your thoughts have been where next. I appear to be being philosophical today

When I think back to Mark and Adrian's first Chch flats where stepping over doorstep was a challenge we have all come a long way! Mark's flat on Papanui Rd that took days to clean on leaving (and he had a reaction to a bee sting and couldn't do it) or Adrian's flat where a mouse or rat ate through the oven cable.