5 years on

Post date: Feb 14, 2016 9:15:43 AM

May the ground underneath you be firm - and know that love surrounds you today and every day

I am also remembering that two years ago today Maria and I flew from Ak - Chch as family gathered around Gran for her final few days. The Valentines Day rose I was given at the airport by Air NZ staff was passed onto Gran. She was alert enough when we got there to appreciate it.

Not surprisingly it has left people unsettled

Jenny alright and Nana still in Auckland

Next weekend marks 5 years since the major earthquake in Chch. I remember not too long after that quake when the geologists were talking about what to expect they said that Chch people would be living with many earthquakes for the next decade or so. Gran said at the time, somewhat prophetically "I will die before things settle". For the past year the earth has been relatively still -relatively being the operative word. This afternoon, somewhat out of the blue another big one hit - not as big as the Feb 2011 but bigger than any since December of that year. It seems Sth Brighton was particularly badly hit this time. And more of the cliffs around Taylor's Mistake and Boulder Bay have fallen as this image shows