Wise counsel? Or council?

Post date: Sep 23, 2013 9:55:34 AM

Tonight Tony and I have been to a "Meet the candidates" evening for council elections - we went to one organised by Living Wage campaign so focused on social justice issues which we found interesting and probably more to our tastes than the general ones. Had 4 mayoral candidates - not John Morrison or Nicola Young who would probably have been the ones to say "No don't support good wages and housing". The Indian lawyer was the most colourful ( no pun intended) - he brought his wife and children into his presentation

After mayoral candidates there was 30secs allowed to any Council candidate - and many were there. One of the candidates was Donald McDonald. This candidate made news today after Council had to send out 10,000 correction letters having spelt his name wrong on ballot papers. As always when a mistake is made it is for the wrong person - he has a reputation for making complaints - apparently 5% of all the claims made to TVNZ come from this one man. One of his famous(infamous?) complaints related to the weather map and that the isobars contained subliminal advertising for the Shrek movie. Certainly his responses to the questions confirmed any preconceptions that his grasp on reality was a little thin.

Does make you worry about the quality of the Council on the basis of some the candidates . . . .