By fair means or foul?

Post date: Sep 13, 2012 10:12:28 AM

Saw a fascinating article yesterday and meant to share it but didn't get home from church meeting till v v late.

Anyway Police in NZ applied to remove the fleet of sports cars from a man who had been convicted of supplying methamphetamine. Under the proceeds of crime laws policeman seize property that has been purchased with illgotten gains.

Man defended his rights to keep his precious cars on the grounds he bought all 11 of them with the proceeds of his earnings as a gigolo

That's quite a lot of gigoloing - valued at over $300,000. We didn't see a photo but man was a patched Black Power member so I am picking his clientele weren't people like me. That does lead me to wonder what my type of gigolo might be - that's probably too much information for you all

anyway judge didn't believe him either - he lost his cars and his flash apartment in Mt Maunganui as he had no visible income (other than his methamphetamine) so presumably none of his clientele were prepared to front up and say "I paid this man enough to buy one of those cars/apartment"