Yo La Tengo

Post date: Mar 16, 2014 12:9:14 AM

Our $20 tickets to Yo La Tengo were worth more than we paid....although we are fascinated that to get to our seats in the gallery seemed to be much further than we actually traveled. Even had a sign at one point saying, "Almost there" (which turned out to be untrue). And when we got to the Gallery we were at the diametrically opposite point to our seats, which were half way down again

I enjoyed the show and there is a great deal of music to pursue.. because we were high I think some of the music was not at its crisp best, but many many melodies and Ira loved his guitar with a passion. Wondered if he has a traveling physio as much of his playing was around his ankles.


An interesting review of Yo La Tengo and the relationship between Ira and Georgia.

There was a solid group of all ages who were obviously fans from way back. The woman in front of us (luckily also to the side) all but danced in on and around her seat.

A 60 plus (Sandra says plus plus) guy downstairs danced through the whole second half.

We have done well out of the Arts festival this year.

And yes Adrian, I still go to ring Gran's number instead of jenny's. last week I went to ring her on Saturday morning...almost felt resentful that I couldn't!