Post date: Aug 08, 2012 9:41:56 AM

Love you and hope this is the last birthday in which a hospital features large

Once you did arrive in the evening you were a real cutie and stayed that way . .

Great to know you are out today Adrian and I hope your dinner with friends is going well.

However baby didn't cooperate. I was still in the midst of labour when Nana arrived and instead of coming to hospital she ended up getting off train and being put onto a bus to Hokitika and Tony raced back to hospital. So in 1984 the milestone was to get to hospital and bring you out.

28 years later Adrian is in hospital again but his milestone is to get out!

In 1984 it was a fine day in Greymouth. Heavily pregnant the baby was nearly 2 weeks overdue, obstratrician decided that baby would come on August 8th. I was induced in the early afternoon, Nana was on a train from Chch coming to look after Mark. Until Nana arrived Mark was being looked after by our friends the Ollivers. He had a great time.It was meant to be that Nana would arrive after the baby was born would see baby and then Tony and Nana would head back to Hokitika and leave Sandra and the baby to sleep.