At least it's a talking point

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 8:16:2 AM

The PM is pretty much on a one man $26million crusade for NZ to have a new flag. There was quite a bit of apathy nationally about this flag debate. Most common question being "on What else could we spend $26million?" Answer - lots!!

But the flag continues to be pet project. Flag designs were called for - we now have a "shortlist" of 40. Don't know when 40 became a shortlist. If I have to shortlist candidates for a job interview I think 5 is too many to be called short.

The debate has attracted much international interest - if you count mockery as a sign of interest. John Oliver did a segment this week

The 40 designs omits the kiwi with laser eyes; the unicorn kiwi and hokey pokey ice cream. These and some others had captured the essence of the debate - mockery.

Someone described them as looking like nice tea towels - which really is damned by faint praise.