Post date: Nov 10, 2013 6:48:22 AM

Hi family

I'm back from a 4 day weekend in Christchurch and reunited with Tim for a whole week!

Had a wonderful weekend, spent lots of time with Gran, Jenny and to a lesser extent Nana (but we spent the whole weekend before this dual-babysitting Lachie and Maeve so don't feel too deprived!)

Gran was looking really well, while her memory was touch and go she is actually looking quite healthy and sprightly! Great to sit and have a few good chats with her!

Caitlin's wedding was a beautiful, happy day full of tears and laughter and some really bad dancing (mostly mine!). We went up to the Port Hills for the photos - Sign of the Takahe and also a stone cottage off a long winding road well into the hills! We disrupted a couple clearly looking for a quiet spot to enjoy. Pulled over on the side of a deserted road, they probably didn't expect their intimacy to be disturbed by a 12-strong wedding party!

Some photos below. The views were stunning on the day we scouted for locations for photos - but unfortunately the day of the wedding, the cloud had come right down so instead of the beautiful views we got pure white fog and drizzle!

Lily (on the left), Evie and I cripping at Matt and Caitlin's the day before the wedding. Lily will be 6 in January. Time flies!!

Adorable Evie! She turned 3 in October

At St James Park in Papanui

The aisle was gorgeous!! Caitlin was sung in by her brother Sam on the guitar