There would be a message if only I could remember it

Post date: Dec 17, 2015 4:55:41 AM

This time next week it will be Christmas. Certainly can tell that in Lambton Quay where buskers doing carols among multitudes of other signs.In NZ and Oz if course Christmas and summer holidays coincide. There are many signs that I am ready for a holiday - my classic is forgetfulness. On Tuesday I was carrying a framed photo from our office and was to take it to Auckland on Wednesday. Met up with some colleagues in pub after work; a bit later I left to meet up with Tony and Yvonne Simpson who was spending the night at our place. It was several hours later that I realised the framed photo was still at the pub. Had to get receptionist from office to go to pub to collect it yesterday while admitting to group in Auckland that picture hadn't come with me.

On way home from airport last night I get a call asking if I had left anything on plane. Turns out that my glasses were still in the plane. Today I had another trip to airport.

I feel like one of the Mr Men characters - if only I could remember which one