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Post date: Jan 22, 2012 8:41:18 AM

Tomorrow I am driving up to Whanganui to go on a garden tour before heading back here in time to collect Tony from airport. Hoping weather is more like this morning than this afternoon.

Just struck me that all of the kinder wil be working but the parents relaxing - a sign of things to come!

While you are thinking about fleeting moments I have had a fleeting moment as a domestic goddess today and made courgette pickle with the courgettes from Tony's garden, spinach pesto with the spinach from the garden and used the orange juice that was past it's best to make cake for Adrian and his colleagues who are working while everyone else is on holiday. These times when I cook, bake and preserve may have been frequent occurnces in your childhoods but are very short now - we could cal them Kodak moments!

Been a very quiet weekend day here. Morning started off v nice but deteriorated duri g the day so now cold and wet. Still Lily and I managed to get in one of the hill walks at Otari while it was v dry.

Adrian and I have been talking about the demise of Kodak which went into voluntary bankruptcy on Friday. They are taking our Kodachrome away? Seems incredible that the company which pioneered things like the family camera - with the first box brownies selling for $US1; the easy to use film; digital cameras among other things didn't have the ongoing vision to create a future. According to the business pages Kodak have had only 1 profitable year in the past 8. Makes my track record look v good indeed.