For a good cause

Post date: Feb 16, 2012 9:10:43 AM

I think I have already told you about the two men who are riding their Spyder motorbikes around New Zealand for charity (one of which is Arthritis New Zealand).Last night they arrived in Wellington. This morning, after dropping Lily at groomers I went to WelTech at Petone to meet up with Martin and Steve. Because Martin the organiser (seen in front of this photo) is a chef they a

Steve also remarked that I looked very posh - sort of like an executive. I think it was a compliment. Did make me realise he usually only sees me on a Saturday!

As Lily does look so good and obviously is so pleased with herself following a cut it all for a good cause.

The other excitement for today was that Lily (finally) got a hair cut. I took her out this morning. Steve, the dog groomer, who is a Schnauzer nut greeted Lily warmly. Me less so. In his wonderful way he said "I see you have lost your Schnauzer and found a Yak!"

Tonight Lily looks amazing - and even has a little purple bow with sparkly stone on her collar so we know she is a girl.

re also linking with Polytech hospitality courses. At Weltech this morning they were making and selling hot cross buns - proceeds of sale going to excellent cause I think!

Unfortunately I had to leave before the buns were cooked.