The rugby team

Post date: Aug 31, 2015 7:24:25 AM

Many complaints about the AB's selection. Made me think that we should bring back

Buck Shelford....remember the Bring Back Buck campaign? Remember the hero worship around the larger than life, muscular forward who c

He was however a giant in comparison to the half dozen truly tiny ABs through the years. The smallest, Mervyn Corner, was 1.69m and 59kgs. But looking at his team, 1930-36, he was one of many midgets...the average secondary first 15 would roll over the top of those little guys!

ould be seen Popeye like hurling opposing players around the field.

The average forward now is 110kg and the average back about 95kg, In todays game he would be reaching up to tap other forwards on the shoulder to politely ask if they'd give him the ball. His playing weight was 93kg.